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Proactive Approach, Enduring Value

BoundTrain sources and strengthens high-potential real estate investments, including office, multifamily, retail, and properties in the path of development. BoundTrain balances a long-term view with skillful short-term decision-making, leveraging meticulous expertise to drive enduring results.


Sourcing Smart Investments In Strategic Markets

BoundTrain invests in promising properties below replacement cost with the opportunity to create value through repositioning, proactive management, enhanced customer service, accelerated leasing, and prioritization of fixing deferred maintenance, building modern amenities, and focusing on “path of travel,” and enhancing the tenant experience. Selecting value-add and opportunistic investments in the path of development, BoundTrain balances assets in the stable, established markets of Washington, DC and New England with higher growth and deep value East Coast markets with projected job growth in STEM, education, and medicine and highly attractive quality-of-life attributes including weather, cost of living, and a focus on arts and entertainment.

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Founded on Follow-Through

BoundTrain handles its investments with extreme care, dedicated to fiercely disciplined underwriting procedures and due diligence. The team works tirelessly, carefully researching target markets, analyzing each property’s unique potential, and getting to know and understand the needs of our capital partners, consultants, and tenants. BoundTrain takes a highly intentionalized approach to management and thoughtfully executes ambitious business plans to champion our investors and tenants.

Assembling the Experts

Propelled by leaders whose experience spans acquisitions, dispositions, leasing, asset management, and development, BoundTrain operates with a multifaceted perspective that integrates insights from every aspect of the industry. BoundTrain is further elevated by its tight-knit network of brokers, architects, engineers, attorneys, and investors who provide access to optimized opportunities and the skills to execute at the highest level.

Company Culture

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Company Culture

Cultivating an authentic company culture is central to BoundTrain’s vision

BoundTrain stands for collaboration over competition, innovation over the status quo, and quality over quantity.

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BoundTrain believes in the power of multiple perspectives and fosters an environment where team members and collaborative partners contribute to each other’s success. We establish partnerships with like-minded peers who add insight to our projects.


BoundTrain constantly pushes for progress, developing creative, cutting-edge solutions to complex problems. Our entrepreneurial and adaptive stance enables us to thrive.


BoundTrain has superior standards for every facet of our work. Our decisions are informed by intensive research and rigorous analysis, and our properties are elevated by excellent service, thoughtfully conceived upgrades, and best-in-class partners.